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Featuring All Creatures Great And Small

Not only does the huge stage at the new indoor Bali Theatre easily accommodates the ten elephants appearing together but also has space for the cast of 150 actors, dancers and puppeteers as well as other animals.  
With a performance area of 80 by 40 meters and an equivalent space behind the set, it has been possible to have tigers, camels, domestic farm animals and many different kinds of birds incorporated into the legendry love story about three revered Balinese historic figures.


They are King Sri Jaya Pangus, his Chinese Princess wife, Kang Cing Wie and the Goddess of Fertility, Dewi Danu.
Scheduled to open on August 28th, the show is already into its final rehearsals period under the direction of an internationally acclaimed production team including Singaporean animal trainer, Richard SamPillai.
Richard is leading a team of keepers from Bali Safari and Marine Park in the exacting task of coaxing the different creatures to do what is required off them in the show. 
He has had 27 years of experience in working with animals in high profile projects around the world including Thailand, Vietnam, Oman, Malaysia as well as in Indonesia where he wrote and produced the Wild – Wild West Cowboy show at Taman Safari Indonesia, Bogor.
It’s unusual to have so many different animals perform indoors on stage together but according to Richard they have all adapted to their new working area very well.
“My training methods are based on trust, respect and understanding and the need to become as one with the animal,” he explained.
“We never allow any of our animals to be stressed so trainers have to be able to read the body language of the animals and be able to interpret it,” Richard said. 
Apart from the aforementioned elephants and camels, visitors to the show will see many different kinds of exotic birds flying including birds of prey, pigeons and hornbills from Kalimantan.  
Many of the animals that appear on stage represent the type of gifts that foreign merchants brought to Bali as introductory presents to the Kings and to set a good relationship before trading began.
On stage domestic herds of goats compete for space with flocks of ducks while banteng and chickens make their appearances. In addition large snakes and tigers appear during the programme.
Already billed as a show not to be missed, “Bali Agung – The legend of two Balinese Goddesses” will be staged daily except Mondays at the Bali Theatre which is located in the Bali Safari and Marine Park at Gianyar.

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