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What You See Is What You Get

A stage show should be visually appealing for the audience and express the productions overall concept with good principles of design and the use of space, according to production designer Richard Jeziorny.
This is a real challenge when you have an acting area of 80 meters by 40 meters like the one he is working on now at the new indoor Bali Theatre at Bali Safari and Marine Park.


Producers believe they have just such a man in Richard who studied at the National Institute for Dramatic Arts (NIDA) and since then has had an award winning career that has taken him to many different countries. He has even been called a ‘legend’ by Adelaide theatre critic Natalie Marsland.Richard explained that production designers like himself are responsible for collaborating with the creative director and other members of the production design team to create an overall environment for the production.“We create scale models of the scenery and construction drawings as part of our collaboration and communications with other production staff.” Richard explained.
Costume design is also part of his workload and with a cast of more than 150 actors on stage this is no easy task.“We have to authentically dress kings, princesses, goddesses, sea captains and priests as they looked hundreds of years ago right down to peasants in the villages,” Richard said.
“Fortunately Bali artists have preserved a lot of this history which has given us a great starting point in our design concepts,” he added.
Before coming to work on ‘Bali Agung’  Richard designed for many well known productions including the ballet ‘Alice in Wonderland’, the musicals ’Thoroughly Modern Millie’, ‘Bye Bye Birdie’ and The Boy Friend’  as well as the operas ‘Don Giovanni” and ‘La Boheme’.
He was presented with Green Room Awards for his design work on ‘Sunset Boulevard” and ‘The Threepenny Opera”. His newest show ‘Bali Agung’ is scheduled to open on August 29.

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