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Bali Agung Design


Creating the world of Bali Agung has been a unique and joyful challenge for Designer Richard Jeziorny and his crew, calling on the talents of local artists, makers and the skilled teams from Taman Safari. Inspired by a knowledge of Balinese tradition and Chinese culture, Richard’s designs bring to life the world of this exciting new production.

Costume makers from Bona, Sukawati and further afield from Samarang, have converged on the Bali Theatre to dress and costume simple villagers, Balinese kings, Chinese merchants and lake goddesses. Each brings their unique knowledge and experience to this project to create this swirling and colourful world of ancient Bali.

Staff from Taman Safari and makers from Yogya worked long hours to build and finish the massive sets required to fill this new mega stage and evoke the colourful and varied environments of the story.

Local puppet makers worked on tiny birds, wayang kulit shadow puppets and giant monsters that emerged from the workshops at the Safari park.

Other staff worked tirelessly to create unique headdresses and colourful livery for elephants and camel, sewing cloth lakes and making armor, spears, furniture and other props  to enhance this extraordinary production.

Richard Jeziorny
Aug 2010

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