The Essential of Balinese Dance

Balinese dance is one of the offerings created as a ritual for the gods who visit at certain times in the Balinese temple. The melodious music, luxurious costumes and exquisite dance moves never fail to entertain guests, both guests of the saints that cannot be seen by the naked eye or by spectators from the local village. In some parts of the show the dancers are often even possessed by spirits so that they are in a semi-conscious condition when dancing.

Many types of semi-modern traditional dances began to emerge so that it slightly degrades the sacred elements of a dance into a more secular nuance. Maybe we can still catch a glimpse of the sacred devil that is still implied in the dancers’ movements, but some elements that contain mantras or prayers have been removed.




Ayam betutu

Don’t Left Bali if You Don’t Try This 8 Traditional Balinese Food

A trip to Bali is incomplete without tasting this delicious culinary specialty of the Island of the Gods.

Bali is one of the best island in the world, not only just because the beauty of the nature, but also it’s entertainment places, culture, and of course, culinary.

Those dishes can be easily find in the Bali while you doing a lot of activities, such as surfing, chilling, swimming, sunbathing, or even when you playing card game or online gambling. As the slot online in Indonesia has become one of the favorites game, it also impact Bali for attraction for the tourist.

1. Sate Lilit

sate lilit

Satay (sate in Indonesian) may always be synonymous with meat that is cut into pieces and then stabbed on a bamboo skewer. However, it is different with the typical Balinese satay wrap which uses a meat grinder and is wrapped with lemongrass stalks.

The taste of the satay wrap will leave an imprint on your tongue with the taste of grated coconut as one of the spices. Sate lilit is usually enjoyed with Balinese mixed rice.

2. Lawar


If you hear the name, some Indonesian might think that this Balinese food uses bats as the main ingredient because bats in Indonesian is “kelelawar” and “lawar” is part of that. But it turns out that this lawar actually uses a variety of vegetables such as long beans and jackfruit vegetables.

In addition, lawar is also usually equipped with mutton, chicken, and pork. So, don’t forget to taste the lawar when you visit Bali!

3. Serombotan


Vegetarians docked! Serombotan is a typical Balinese dish that is almost similar to another Indonesian dish, sayur urap. However, the spices used are made in Balinese style using turmeric, galangal, kencur (aromatic ginger), and spicy peanut sauce.

The vegetables in the serombotan itself include spinach, kale, bean sprouts, eggplant, bitter melon, green beans, and long beans.

4. Laklak


If you like pancakes, you will definitely like this Balinese laklak. This one food will remind you of pancakes, only the size is smaller and the outer texture is more crispy.

As a complement, laklak is usually eaten with a sprinkling of grated coconut and brown sugar syrup.

5. Nasi Jinggo

nasi jinggo

The next typical Balinese food is nasi jinggo or jinggo rice. At first glance, this food looks like nasi kucing, another Indonesian dish. It’s just that, it tastes much more savory and spicy.

One serving of Nasi Jinggo is usually accompanied by side dishes such as satay wrap, fried tempeh, noodles, and of course chili sauce.

6. Bubur Mengguh

Bubur Mengguh

If seen from its history, bubur mengguh or mengguh porridge is one of the mandatory menus at traditional ceremonies and traditional festivals in Bali. You can also easily find this porridge in the Buleleng area.

A serving of bubur mengguh usually consists of shredded chicken, beans, and celery that have been seasoned with spices.

7. Tum Ayam

Tum Ayam

Ayam is “chicken” in Indonesian language. The next Balinese food will look interesting with the banana leaf package. Tum ayam is made from minced beef or chicken that has been seasoned with spices such as ginger, lemongrass, garlic, and chili.

Not only used as a side dish, chicken tum is also usually eaten as a snack or just a hunger delay.

8. Ayam Betutu

Ayam betutu

This food consists of chicken and sometimes duck cooked whole and the belly is filled with various herbs and spices.

Chicken that has been seasoned and then wrapped in areca leaves or banana leaves for further roasting.

The method of roasting is also using the hot coals of the husk fire, it can take one day or one night to ripen. The taste of this betutu chicken is so spicy and savory.

In ancient times, this dish was served during religious ceremonies, but today, you can eat it anytime and anywhere.


5 Instagramable Cafes in Bali, Selebgram Photo Hunting Spots

Instagramable CAFEs in Bali are often hunted by tourists on vacation. These places are suitable for relaxing, enjoying various dishes as well as OOTD photos.

With a unique concept and color, it is the main attraction of a cafe to visit. Especially if the food is delicious, it’s addicting!

Here are 5 instagramable cafes in Bali that you must visit

Folie Kitchen & Patisserie

Folie Kitchen & Patisserie is a French-style cafe located at Jalan Subak Sari No. 30A, Tibubeneng, North Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia. When you enter this cafe, you will immediately be enchanted by the colors of the tropical flowers on the entrance wall of Folie.

It is a very relaxing place, especially if you are chilling with friends or family by playing some table games, for example, poker, baccarat, blackjack, or roulette. Only by relying on each smartphone with an internet network can you play cards on Maxbet sites like YukBola. Not only the diversity of games that you get, but you can also get a jackpot of millions of rupiah. How very exciting, right?

So if you want to take pictures or play at Folie Kitchen & Patisserie, the food you can order starts from Rp.44 thousand to Rp.216 thousand, you can enjoy the food here and also relax while taking pictures at this cafe.

Penny Lane

This cafe is located in the Canggu area, precisely on Jalan Munduk Catu No.9, Canggu, North Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali. One of the famous cafes in Bali with unique architecture with high artistic value, this is unique because Penny Lane has ancient Roman-style architecture but is made with modern elements.

This cafe can be called semi outdoor because the place is not closed or fully open.

“Every corner here is really instagramable,” said Yojas, a visitor quoted from the YouTube channel Yojas Tv.

At night, the cafe will be better, cool and aesthetic, because there are lights that will add to the aesthetic of your photos. The price is standard, starting from IDR 30 thousand to IDR 110 thousand.

Seminyak Shelter

Shelter Seminyak is a rooftop cafe with a tropical nuance with a tropical garden theme, located at Jalan Drupadi 1 No. 2b, Seminyak, Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali.

The perfect place to relax with friends while capturing the moment you visited here. Because at some point there is a suitable background to be displayed on your Instagram feed.

This cafe with tables and stools made of wood plus green plants around this cafe will make you comfortable, and also at an affordable price because the dishes here start from Rp. 25 thousand to Rp. 95 thousand.

Kynd Community

For you vegetarian lovers, you must come here. Because the atmosphere is comfortable with a pleasant and colorful cafe atmosphere which is also the main attraction.


This cafe is located on Jalan Petitenget No.12 Kerobokan Kelod, Seminyak, North Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali. There are outdoor and indoor places that can match your mood.

This white-pink cafe is of course perfect for capturing your moments while visiting the Kynd Community and on displaying it on your Instagram. The dishes at Kynd Community also vary, starting from IDR 10,000 to IDR 130,000.

Montana Del Cafe

Cafe with a modern minimalist concept with an all-white building combined with Balinese natural elements. Which is in a mountainous area, to be precise, is still included in the area at the foot of Mount Batur on Jalan Penelokan Main Rd No. 889, South Batur, Kintamani, Bangli Regency, Bali.

Due to the beautiful design of the place, visitors are here not only to enjoy the dishes. But also hunting for photos with very instagramable spots. With a view of Mount Batur which is suitable for your photo background, of course.

The prices at Montana Del Cafe range from Rp. 40 thousand to Rp. 80 thousand. Quite affordable because you can enjoy the mountain view.


Portrait of Balinese Customs and Culture in the Middle of a Pandemic

Denpasar: The smiles of the Balinese dancers are no longer seen accompanying the flexibility of their hand and body movements. The facial expressions that reflect the Balinese dance character that he performed disappeared because they had to be covered with masks.

Likewise, Hindu religious leaders must chant prayers from behind masks and face shields when leading prayer ceremonies at the temple.

Balinese customs and culture, which are known for their uniqueness, thick with togetherness and mutual cooperation, must immediately change because they have to implement new habitual adaptation stages in an effort to overcome the transmission of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Since the virus outbreak claimed two victims, namely British and French citizens in Bali around March 2020, Bali has become a frightening tourist area. Case after case, Covid-19 has increased through local transmission or transmission between residents.

Balinese traditional and cultural rituals which are held almost every time, always involve many people because of the strong attachment to adat / gotong royong. However, such crowds raise concerns that it will become one of the potential places for the new covid-19 cluster.

Therefore in September 2020 the Bali Provincial Government together with Parisada Hindu Dharma Indonesia (PHDI) and the Bali Province Traditional Village Council (MDA) issued a circular relating to the application of health protocols when carrying out these traditional and cultural ritual activities.


The circular basically restricts customary and cultural activities that cause crowds. In its implementation, Pecalang as a customary security unit together with traditional village leaders is at the forefront in controlling the implementation of health protocols. Citizens’ obedience to customary rules and their traditional leaders is key in overcoming the deadly plague.

For example, during prayers at the temple, carrying a ‘thermo gun’ Pecalang monitors the body temperature of the congregation present. Supervision is also in terms of wearing masks or face shields, washing hands and the maximum number of people attending, a maximum of 25 people at each prayer stage.

Likewise, the Ngaben procession was no longer colored with the procession of the corpse. The Ngaben procession is currently only attended by the nuclear family and closest relatives. Even in cases of death due to covid-19, the Ngaben procession was carried out by members of the Covid-19 Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling (GTPP) wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). The family can only watch the cremation procession from a distance.


5 Recommendations for Trekking Tour in Ubud Bali, Time to Have a Visit!

Who has longed to travel to Bali? Maybe even Semeton Bali itself has also missed exploring its own homeland. For those of you who are looking for recommendations for places to explore, don’t worry.

So below you can check some places that can be traced for trekking in Ubud, Bali. The scenery will make your eyes look fresh again. Anyway, don’t forget to be happy. Take time to walk around and appreciate yourself.

1. Campuhan Hill

Often called the Campuhan Ridge Walk, this spot offers a path that is approximately 1.5 meters wide, which is flanked by ravines and small hills. Located just behind the Warwick Ibah Luxury Villas & Spa, the villa is often the benchmark for tourists who want to visit Campuhan Hill.

Because it is located on a ridge, Campuhan is very popular as a location for trekking as well as hunting for sunrise and sunset. Not a few foreign tourists are willing to trek to Campuhan Hill from before dawn to capture the moment the sun rises in this spot. The charm is really beautiful even though it is not right at sunrise or sunset.

2. Subak Sok Wayah

Trekking across green rice fields is an experience you can get in the Subak Sok Wayah area, which is located not far from Campuhan Hill. You can breathe the typical rural air while enjoying the sound of the subak water gurgling between the rice fields, you know.

The palm trees that thrive between the paths add to the beautiful atmosphere of this area. If you are tired, you can stop for a moment at the small huts on the edge of the rice fields. You can also find small shops selling Balinese souvenirs.

3. Kajeng Rice Fields

Similar to Subak Sok Wayah, the rice fields on the Kajeng road also offer a trekking experience in the middle of green rice fields owned by local residents. To reach it, you may need a little struggle because it is a little remote and you have to pass through a narrow alley.


However, after arriving in the Kajeng rice fields, it is guaranteed that everything will be paid off with a beautiful landscape in front of your eyes. The rustic atmosphere is really felt. If you’re lucky, you can meet farmers and dozens of ducks who are fun to play in a muddy puddle.

4. Tegalalang rice terraces

If this spot looks familiar to you, right? The terraces in Tegalalang are indeed an icon of Ubud. It seems that anyone who comes to Ubud will not miss coming to Tegalalang. The terraced rice fields make this location perfect for relaxing trekking and it looks so instagenic.

Besides being able to trek between the terraced steps, there are also swing spots that you can try. This swing is a favorite of foreign tourists, you know. Eits, but to ride it you need to pay around IDR 150 thousand for 20 swings. Interested?

5. Wenara Wana Tourism Mandala

The last spot in Ubud that you can make a trekking tour is the Wenara Wana Mandala Tour or often known as the Ubud Monkey Forest. Having an area of ​​about 12.5 hectares, this place is perfect for enjoying the cool natural forest air while meeting hundreds of well-looked after monkeys.

Not only monkeys, but you can also visit several sacred tourism objects in this area, such as Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal, Holy Spring Temple, and Prajapati Temple. When visiting the forest, you are expected not to wear jewelry, scarves, or glasses because these objects often attract monkeys to grab them.

So, those are some recommendations for places that you can explore for trekking in Ubud, Bali. Have fun!

Best Cafe in Bali For Brunch and Play Online Gambling

Best Cafe in Bali For Brunch and Play Online Gambling

In this list, we provide you, our recommendation for the Best Brunch cafe in Bali! Apart from the fact that the food has proven delicious, the interior is very up-to-date and Instagram-able, also, in these cafes you can enjoy your time by playing online gambling at agen bola online terpercaya like Arctic Website. Anyway, this is the best of the best!

Sisterfields Bali

Best Cafe in Bali For Brunch and Play Online Gambling

Even though you haven’t come to the place in person, you must have heard the name Sisterfields Cafe often from friends.

The initial impression upon entering the restaurant: cute! With semi-indoor architecture, you will see adorable turquoise and white chairs in various corners of the restaurant.

Apart from being a cute place, it turns out that the food at Sisterfields deserves five thumbs up.

All kinds of burgers (especially Dirty Burger) that they serve are pretty good (personal experience), and almost nothing beats in Bali!

So if you are confused about what to order, order the burger first. The others, later when you try one of the burgers.

But if you visit Sisterfields, be prepared to spend more on brunch than usual. Each person will spend approximately IDR 200,000 for one food and beverage menu.

However, the food portions here are large for Indonesians. So, get ready to be full until evening! If you go in three of you – especially gangs of girls, you can share up to 3 servings of one meal! Save right … Hehehehe …


The Jimbaran area has a cute vintage brunch spot and is a must-visit if you have extra funds.

Decorated with antique collections, Balique – a restaurant owned by a Belgian couple, looks serious but has a relaxed atmosphere.

Balique, according to most people, is rather difficult to find. But as a benchmark, you just have to look for the InterContinental Resort – Jimbaran, because the restaurant’s location is opposite this hotel.

Its location, which is close to the beach, makes Balique easy access to get quality and fresh seafood.

No wonder there are many menus with the Mediterranean, Asian and European nuances.

No wonder there are many menus with the Mediterranean, Asian and European nuances.

Grilled Red Snapper and Tom Yum Jumbo Prawn are favorites of visitors. You can imagine how delicious it is to eat seafood, especially if the place is also pleasing to the eye.


Canvas Cafe

Who here really likes traveling to the Sanur area? Certainly not as many as other areas. But believe it or not, there are lots of cute cafes in Sanur with super generous portions of brunch! One of them is Canvas Cafe, which is located on Hang Tuah street – close to the port.

This is suitable for those of you who have plans to travel to Nusa Penida, and you can have breakfast first here in the morning before leaving from the port. They also have a takeaway menu!

The theme of western and eastern food is an attraction for visitors who like to change their minds when visiting cafes.

From Smoothies Bowls, pasta to Asian Style Pork Porridge you can try it here. Uh, but wait, don’t leave here without trying their signature menu – the Sanur Rice Bowl!

Kembali ke Bumbak

When I heard the news that there was a new brunch place in Umalas, Mimin had doubts. Not bad thinking at that time,

“Who wants to open a cafe in the Umalas area? Isn’t this just the area of ​​the villas? Not sure the place is good”.

It turns out I was WRONG, viewers! Again, Bumbak is very different from other places. The glass-walled building at Kembali Bumbak is equipped with a bohemian themed courtyard decor. Suitable for spot photos.

Back Bumbak is a brunch place that is perfect for relaxing, working, or even lazing around.

The favorite menu at Kembali Bumbak is their smoothies bowl variant, one of which is the Dragon Berry Bowl. In addition to the many variants of vegetables and fruit, it’s also fresh for brunch time.

But, the Return Scones is a must-try. Everyone’s favorite peanut butter and vanilla strawberry jam cake. No wonder this place makes people want to COME BACK!

Milk and Honey Ubud

Milk and Honey made its debut first in the Canggu area before expanding into Ubud.

This place, which means milk and honey, is indeed famous for its all-day-breakfast pizza menu.

What I love about the Milk and Madu Ubud building is that it resembles a greenhouse! The sunlight that penetrates the glass walls keeps the restaurant alive in all conditions, and of course, the photos will always look great!

Apart from food, the main attraction of Milk and Honey Ubud is a live band performance.

It would be a shame to enjoy it alone. Come on, come together here!

As additional information, You can also find as much information as possible about online gambling here before you start playing. It would be better for you to have a strategy and ready to win.

Traditional Balinese Clothing, Previously Balinese Women Never Wore Tops

Traditional Balinese Clothing, Previously Balinese Women Never Wore Tops

The island of Bali is very attached to women’s breasts. Not because in Bali many foreign tourists are sunbathing with minimal clothes or walking around in makeshift clothes, no. However, in the 1950s, traditional clothing for Balinese women did not recognize breastplates. In accordance with the traditional customs, all Balinese women appear topless.

In the past, the Balinese people’s traditional clothes were not the same as those seen today. The clothes used by the Balinese are only simple body covers. Both men and women wear kemben like a skirt. Balinese women do not cover the top of their chest, aka shirtless. Part of the hair is very smooth because it is smeared with coconut oil. Several flowers were pinned to the hair and ears.

Such a scene became commonplace at that time. The Balinese people started getting to know clothes after Bali became known to the world as a tourist destination. Miguel Cavarrubias, in an article entitled Bali Binasa: A Speculation, explains how Balinese people are getting to know clothes in their daily lives. The Dutch Colonialism Government in Buleleng issued a rule that every Balinese woman must wear clothes.

This regulation was issued in 1848 to protect the morale of Dutch soldiers serving in Bali. Since then, the wives of Balinese princes wore clothes that suddenly inspired a proper dress style. Three years after the regulation was issued, Balinese women no longer leave the house without wearing a top cloth.

The custom of Balinese women not wearing clothes ended in the 1990s. Now, Balinese women who do not cover the top of their chest are considered uncivilized mountain people. Without realizing it, this also influenced men’s habits in Bali, until finally the traditional Balinese clothes were created as they are nowadays.

History of Balinese Breast at the Blanco Museum

Traditional Balinese Clothing, Previously Balinese Women Never Wore Tops

For those of you who are curious about Balinese women’s style of dress when they are still unfamiliar with the breastplate, it can be seen at the Blanco Museum located in Ubud, Bali. The museum, which was founded by a Spanish artist named Antonio Blanco, contains paintings of ancient Balinese women. Antonio was given a piece of land by the King of Bali at that time, which was used as a residence as well as a painting studio.

Antonio died in 1999, and now the Blanco Museum is under the management of his son, Mario Blanco. This museum tries to create an authentic Balinese atmosphere. Balinese women’s paintings are drawn in various poses, and some are dancing, sleeping, and even masturbating. Mario explained that the paintings were not made on purpose to highlight the beauty of a woman’s body. He said his father only perpetuated Balinese culture at that time.

In the name of preserving Balinese culture, Antonio used to decide for his female employees not to wear a breastplate while working at the Blanco Museum. However, due to an incident, it was finally decided that a woman should wear a shirt when a guest visited. Now under Mario’s management, since 1999, all-female employees have been wearing Balinese kebaya.

Nusa Penida Bali History and Travel Places

Nusa Penida Bali History and Travel Places

Nusa Penida is an island in Bali that is popular as a tourism destination. Located on the southeast side of Bali Island, Nusa Penida is separated by the Badung Strait. Its natural beauty is extraordinary, has a beautiful maritime panorama as a world-class diving area, including in Batu Meling, Malibu Point, Crystal Bay, Manta Point, and Batu Lumbung.

Before becoming the most popular tourist location in Bali, Nusa Penida had a dark and terrible history. From the inscription with the number 835 Saka (913 AD) in Blonjong Village, it is known that Nusa Penida is the territory of Sri Wira Kesari Warmadewa, which is used as the basis of Balinese trade. At that time, the island was inhabited by people from Lombok who had built their own government system.

The King of Bali, Sri Wira Kesari Warmadewa, made Nusa Penida a symbol of victory over Lombok, which was currently in conflict with Bali’s Kingdom. When he was defeated, Bali’s King placed his trusted people to occupy the Nusa Penida government. Bilateral relations with the Kingdom of Bali continued until the 11th century AD.

Nusa Penida As a Place of Exile

In European literacy, Nusa Penida and the two surrounding islands are also known as Pulau Bandit, Bandit island, or Bandieten Eiland. The kings of the Klungkung, Gianyar, and Bangli Kingdoms agreed to make the Nusa Penida area a place of exile for problematic people, aka convicts from Bali’s main island the royal court has sentenced with a life sentence.

The rulers chose Nusa Penida because it has a landscape that is considered to torment the convicted. At that time, the island was very dry with a long dry season, plus the presence of a sea fort around it, which was fast flowing and accompanied by big waves. The kings are sure that no one will survive here long.

In addition, in Balinese spiritual belief, Nusa Penida is considered to be the place of the unseen forces that attack Bali every year. The prisoners convicted in Nusa Penida are also sacrifices and offerings to the supernatural powers to soften. However, Nusa Penida has become a production field for a number of Bali’s export commodities.

Hundreds of years have passed, Nusa Penida is now not a place of exile or a Bandit Island. He was transformed into Bali’s most popular tourist destination. The tourism centers in Nusa Penida are in the west, such as Kelingking Beach and Broken Beach. Hills and limestone reefs are the dominant soil conditions on the island. The highest point is Mount Mundi, which is located in the Nusa Penida district.

Angel Billabong

Nusa Penida Bali History and Travel Places

If you have visited Broken Beach attractions, there’s nothing wrong with taking the time to visit Angel Billabong attractions. The location of Broken Beach is next to Angel Billabong. To get to your destination, you can walk for about 5 – 10 minutes. Angel Billabong is a tourist attraction that is always crowded with tourists. According to its name Angel Billabong, this object has its own characteristics, which means a place in the form of a dead-end river and empties before reaching the open sea. This river is very calm, and the water’s clarity makes it look so beautiful that it makes tourists feel at home in this place.

Not only is there a beautiful river, but Angel Billabong also has a very unique rock that you can make as a photo spot against the background of the high seas. The sound of the waves crashing against the rocks makes this place so amazing.

At Angel Billabong attractions, you can do fun activities, such as swimming or bathing. Swimming at Angel Billabong certainly seems different from other beaches because you can feel the water’s clarity with a sea view, which is an added value. However, to swim at Angel Billabong, you also have to pay attention to the tides. If the seawater is high, tourists cannot do swimming activities because seawater will enter the river.

Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay Beach, a tourist attraction located in the western part of Nusa Penida. The beach, which has beautiful open sea views and underwater scenery, is a favorite spot for divers. Crystal Bay Beach is a popular tourist attraction with tourists, especially tourists who want to do snorkeling or diving activities. The underwater scenery of Crystal Bay is really very beautiful and amazing, which is the main attraction.

The beach has clean and clear water like crystal, calm waves, and white sand that makes this beach look beautiful and very attractive. The coral in the form of a small island hill in the middle of the sea is the main attraction for Crystal Bay photos. Some of the activities that you can do in this place are sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling and diving.

Apart from the beauty of the sea, you can also watch the sunset in Crystal Bay. If you are a sunset lover, it is highly recommended to visit this beach, because you can witness the beautiful sunset sky at sunset.

Hangout Places in Bali that Make You Fail to Move On

Hangout Places in Bali that Make You Fail to Move On

Bali, famous as a traveler’s paradise, is famous for its beach tourism.

Apart from the beach, many travelers visit Bali just to spend time relaxing. Usually, these travelers will choose interesting places to sit back while enjoying the atmosphere of Bali. This is what causes cafes and clubs to flourish in Bali.

Getting here, many cafes have their own characteristics both in terms of menu and decoration and what is clear is that these places will make it difficult for you to move on.

  1. Woobar at W Bali Seminyak

Because it is located in the W Hotel complex in the Seminyak area, this bar has relatively expensive food and beverage prices. The theme “From daytime to nighttime” offers a “special menu” for its guests.

Woobar by Day

This session is made for guests to start the day while enjoying the poolside facilities and the food and beverage menu here. This session is available every day, starting at 10 am until late at night. If you want to play on the beach, here there is also direct access to the beach.

Sunset at Woobar

This session is specifically for those of you who want to relax while waiting for the sun to set, accompanied by soothing music. Also, get special discounts for certain drinks and foods on selected days.

Sunset & Latenight Session

Woobar is one of the mainstay clubs in Bali that many tourists are aiming for. If you want to meet many rich foreigners, this is the place to be. Many foreigners spend their time relaxing here because it is a comfortable place, and also its location is located in one of Bali’s prestigious hotels.

  1. La Plancha, Seminyak

Hangout Places in Bali that Make You Fail to Move On

This beachside café is not only great for its food, but this place is also perfect for enjoying a relaxing time while waiting for the sun to set. Usually, visitors will choose the location of the outdoor part of this café to enjoy the sunset. The outdoor location of this café is equipped with colorful beanbags, which are the icon of this café.

Another uniqueness of this café that is interesting for me is the nuances of the colors, starting from the paint in the room and the beanbags used as outdoor seating. These colorful beanbags are the icon of this café because that’s where you sit to enjoy the sunset.

  1. Single Fin

This place, which is famous as a café and bar, is located in the Uluwatu area near Suluban beach or also known as Blue Point Beach. In my opinion, Suluban Beach is one of the phenomenal beaches in Bali, because apart from being not easy to reach, this place also offers a very beautiful view.

Single Fin is located on a cliff that directly faces the open sea, which is still in line with Suluban Beach. One thing I like about this place is the sensation of seeing the sunset from a high place while looking out at the open sea. If it’s just for a drink while sitting around, the pocket that has to be digested is still comparable to this super sight.

  1. Nook, Kerobokan

Restaurant in the middle of rice fields, that’s how I usually describe this place when someone asks about this place. The restaurant’s decor is very simple but attractive. In this restaurant, you are free to choose whether you want to sit on a chair or sit on a chair on the edge of the building. What is clear is that both of them are Instagram-able, especially with the view of the rice fields around the restaurant.

At first, I came here because of a recommendation from a friend who mentioned that the food here is delicious, at a reasonable price. The point is that the food prices here are not as high as other eating places in the Seminyak area.

  1. La Laguna, Canggu

La Laguna has a unique decoration because a Gypsy and Bohemian style dominates it. This cafe has an open-air café concept with almost all of the seating in the outdoor area surrounded by trees on grassy pedestals. Apart from that, there are also wooden houses on stilts which add to the Bohemian impression!

If you go to La Laguna, you can sit around while enjoying the various special drinks that are provided while waiting for dusk. In addition, this place is often used as a spot for just beautiful photos of its visitors. Here, a wooden bridge is one of the favorite photo spots for those who visit here.

halal food you must try in bali

Halal Food in Bali that You Must Try!

Having a vacation to Bali is less than satisfying if you don’t hunt for Balinese food. However, most of the famous restaurants always offer a variety of pork culinary. Some readers of Balitheatre have asked us to provide recommendations for Halal food in Bali.

On this occasion, we will tell you 5 Halal foods in Bali that you must try when visiting Bali.

* Even though we’ve done some research, it’s a good idea to double-check about halal certificates and other things needed before visiting the places below!

Nasi Tekor

This unique Balinese culinary is quite unique and still rarely heard by most tourists, Nasi Tekor. It is rice served in a kettle or pincuk, a traditional container made of banana leaves  used since ancient times.

Located in Kertalangu Cultural Village, East Denpasar, you will also enjoy an atmosphere like eating in an old house complete with ornate knick-knacks that will bring you nostalgia to your childhood. Oh yeah, the ones selling here are the grandparents’ couples, it’s so sweet, right!

The menu sold here is actually simple: Balinese mixed rice with a dish of lawar biu batu, chicken serapah, Balinese chili sauce, fried peanuts, grilled chicken, and ares sauce.

Bu Mangku Kadewatan’s Chicken Rice

If you visit the Ubud area, you must try the most halal food there, namely Bu Mangku Kadewatan Chicken Rice. With the capital of a typical Balinese house pavilion, here you can also enjoy a traditional Balinese atmosphere with a large yard.

As the name implies, this place only serves food made from chicken. A portion of Chicken Rice will be completed with satay curls, eggs, sisit chicken, fried chicken, and lawar vegetables, as well as super spicy chili sauce! The price is cheap, only Rp. 25,000, – only

Bebek Bengil

halal food you must try in bali

A pioneer for the Crispy Duck menu, aka Krispi Fried Duck, this restaurant is never empty of visitors. Yesterday, the Bali Vacation Team also tried Bebek Bengil at The Bay Nusa Dua recently. Indeed, the Crispy Duck has to be thumbs up!

With a similar Ubud atmosphere, Bebek Bengil in Nusa Dua also provides a beautiful atmosphere surrounded by trees and a Balinese gazebo. The difference is, here you will not find views of rice fields, but you will enjoy the typical white sand of Nusa Dua.

In addition to the superior Crispy Duck menu, Bebek Bengil also has delicious menus such as Nasi Campur and Bebek Sambal Ijo, which are no less delicious! Duh, this while writing while drooling ..

Ibu Oki’s Chicken Rice

Not far from Bebek Bengil, still in Nusa Dua, you can also find other halal culinary, namely Ibu Oki Chicken Rice. Almost the same as other Chicken Rice, Bu Oki also serves a portion of mixed rice with various chicken preparations such as fried chicken, sisit chicken, betutu chicken, twisted satay, eggs, and vegetables. The difference is, at Ibu Oki, you will get a spicy sauce that is guaranteed to make you sweat but want to keep increasing. The record here we added three plates!

Ibu Oki’s Chicken Rice also has a branch in Jimbaran. A plate of mixed rice costs Rp. 25,000 only.

Teba Café Jimbaran

The Jimbaran area is known for its rows of seafood restaurants that are ready to pamper your tongue. Actually, almost every restaurant here has a variety of grilled seafood menus, which are served complete with vegetable plecing and sambal matah. But usually, the Bali Vacation team often visits Teba Café Jimbaran than the others because we think the spices here are more kicking.

The most interesting thing about eating at Jimbaran beach is that you can enjoy a candlelight dinner “ala-ala” by the beach with acoustic music accompaniment. Perfect for those of you who want a romantic dinner with your beloved partner! If you plan to eat here, we recommend that you stand by from 5 pm, so you can get the best seats to watch the super beautiful sunset here.


Kebanyakan orang mengerjakan perjalanan dunia untuk empiris yang mengolah hidup atau untuk menyaksikan kehidupan dari perspektif yang berbeda. Bagi tidak sedikit orang, bepergian ialah eksplorasi diri. Dulu mempunyai sifat sementara, namun tren terbaru mengindikasikan bepergian atau berpariwisata di Bali sudah menjadi gaya hidup dan unsur dari identitas canggih kita, terutama semenjak Instagram memungut alih hidup kita. Memang benar bahwa bepergian dapat menolong kita mengolah diri anda sendiri. Tetapi pernahkah kita beranggapan tentang bagaimana kehadiran anda sebagai seorang musafir dapat dominan dan mengolah tempat dan orang-orang yang anda kunjungi?

Ambil Ubud, misalnya. Bagi semua pelancong, Ubud barangkali adalah ibukota kesehatan, namun eksplorasi cepat sejarahnya akan mengindikasikan bahwa lokasi tersebut sudah berkembang seiring waktu. Pada 1980-an dan 1990-an dulu dikenal sebagai ibukota kebiasaan Bali di mana seni dan peragaan tradisional berkembang. Namun, orientasi bisnis di wilayah mulai berubah secara bertahap.

Itu dibuka dengan praktik permakultur yang dibuka pada akhir 1990-an. Selama bertahun-tahun lebih tidak sedikit pertanian permakultur perlahan muncul, menghasilkan tidak sedikit pasokan sayuran organik yang memicu pembukaan semakin tidak sedikit restoran organik. Kemudian, kesehatan menjadi tema kesayangan setelah krisis bom Bali menghantam pulau itu. Itu ialah strategi untuk unik pengunjung yang bertolak belakang jenisnya, supaya bisnis bertahan, dan melalui krisis.

Membawa Kultur Game di Jepang Menjadi Restoran Bertema Permainan Joker388

Menjadi negara tersukses yang menelurkan developer-developer game membuat Jepang sangat terpandang dari sisi dunia permainan. Ini dapat dilihat dari Playstation-2 sebagai mesin konsol terlaris di dunia. Golongan dari tua dan muda memiliki setidaknya satu game favorit mereka, hal ini dianggap sebagai salah satu peluang bagi pebisnis restoran, sehingga banyak restoran yang membuat tema game sebagai tema utama restoran mereka. Dari interior design sampai jenis makanan pun akan disesuaikan dengan tema permainan yang mereka usung. Di Jepang sendiri banyak restoran yang juga menyediakan fasilitas bermain game, baik itu pachinko ataupun game mesin slot supaya para pengunjung dapat bermain selagi menunggu makanan mereka disiapkan. Game Joker slot menjadi game terlaris di tahun 2019 kemarin dan sepertinya akan tetap menjadi nomor satu di tahun 2020 ini. Walaupun permainan slot JOKER388 dapat dimainkan secara online, akan tetapi banyak juga yang suka bermain secara langsung di restoran-restoran ini.

Semua ini bertujuan untuk menaikan turis dari negara Jepang untuk ke Bali. Sangat gampang untuk menyalahkan pariwisata, pemerintah, dan evolusi ekonomi global, tetapi semua pelancong pun mempunyai tanggung jawab individu untuk menanam diri mereka dengan benar, khususnya dalam urusan memaksakan perspektif mereka.

Di masa lalu, saya sudah mendengar begitu tidak sedikit pelancong mengeluh tentang semua pengembang di Bali yang telah membina lebih tidak sedikit dan lebih tidak sedikit bangunan canggih daripada yang tradisional. Sebagian besar datang dari negara-negara barat, semua pelancong ini percaya bahwa Bali mesti tetap rendah hati dan tradisional, memberi mereka karakter yang menarik dan eksotis di destinasi wisata opsi mereka.

Saya mengejar perspektif barat-sentris ini lumayan bermasalah; akademisi menyinggung ini sebagai Orientalisme. Diciptakan oleh Edward Said pada tahun 1978, istilah ini mengakui pembagian Barat vs Timur, perspektif umum yang dikembangkan pada abad ke-18 sampai ke-19 di negara-negara barat. Pandangan, yang mewakili Barat sebagai maju dan canggih dan non-Barat sebagai tradisional dan mundur, hadir sebagai dampak dari perluasan kolonial Eropa. Namun, tidak sedikit antropolog berasumsi bahwa ini dapat membuat pemisahan dan usulan tentang superioritas dan inferioritas yang membingkai interaksi orang-orang dari kedua budaya.

Tim Sepak Bola Bali United

Olahraga juga bisa dijadikan pilihan untuk memajukan pariwisata, contohnya pertandingan piala dunia yang diadakan suatu negara pasti akan mendatangkan turis yang sangat banyak untuk menonton pertandingan secara langsung. Bali sendiri sudah mempunyai tim sepakbola berskala internasional yaitu Bali United yang pernah kedatangan tim pelatih dari Real Madrid, Spanyol. Untuk kamu yang ingin menonton pertandingan sepak bola secara langsung dan bertaruh di tim favoritmu bisa mengunjungi untuk melihat secara lengkap jadwal pertandingan dan pasaran taruhan yang detail.

Bagaimana saya dan anda bisa menyadari perbedaan-perbedaan ini? Apakah mungkin untuk kita guna tidak memaksakan pandangan anda terhadap orang lain? Jika identitas anda dikembangkan dengan teknik orang lain menyaksikan kita, bagaimana anda menantang teknik kita memandang diri anda sendiri dalam hubungannya dengan orang-orang dari kebiasaan lain?

Semakin anda bepergian dan berinteraksi dengan orang yang berbeda, semakin kita mengetahui kesamaan salah satu kita. Kita bisa menghapus batas-batas yang menciptakan kita bertolak belakang sebelumnya, kita menjangkau tujuan. Mengakui perbedaan ini dan representasi salah dari “yang lain” dapat menjadi tahapan kesatu. Langkah selanjutnya ialah terlibat. Melalui menciptakan interaksi ini, anda bertukar identitas dan membangun keserupaan antara yang beda dan diri anda sendiri, sampai “kita” hadir dalam proses.


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