Best Cafe in Bali For Brunch and Play Online Gambling

Best Cafe in Bali For Brunch and Play Online Gambling

In this list, we provide you, our recommendation for the Best Brunch cafe in Bali! Apart from the fact that the food has proven delicious, the interior is very up-to-date and Instagram-able, also, in these cafes you can enjoy your time by playing online gambling at agen bola online terpercaya like Arctic Website. Anyway, this is the best of the best!

Sisterfields Bali

Best Cafe in Bali For Brunch and Play Online Gambling

Even though you haven’t come to the place in person, you must have heard the name Sisterfields Cafe often from friends.

The initial impression upon entering the restaurant: cute! With semi-indoor architecture, you will see adorable turquoise and white chairs in various corners of the restaurant.

Apart from being a cute place, it turns out that the food at Sisterfields deserves five thumbs up.

All kinds of burgers (especially Dirty Burger) that they serve are pretty good (personal experience), and almost nothing beats in Bali!

So if you are confused about what to order, order the burger first. The others, later when you try one of the burgers.

But if you visit Sisterfields, be prepared to spend more on brunch than usual. Each person will spend approximately IDR 200,000 for one food and beverage menu.

However, the food portions here are large for Indonesians. So, get ready to be full until evening! If you go in three of you – especially gangs of girls, you can share up to 3 servings of one meal! Save right … Hehehehe …


The Jimbaran area has a cute vintage brunch spot and is a must-visit if you have extra funds.

Decorated with antique collections, Balique – a restaurant owned by a Belgian couple, looks serious but has a relaxed atmosphere.

Balique, according to most people, is rather difficult to find. But as a benchmark, you just have to look for the InterContinental Resort – Jimbaran, because the restaurant’s location is opposite this hotel.

Its location, which is close to the beach, makes Balique easy access to get quality and fresh seafood.

No wonder there are many menus with the Mediterranean, Asian and European nuances.

No wonder there are many menus with the Mediterranean, Asian and European nuances.

Grilled Red Snapper and Tom Yum Jumbo Prawn are favorites of visitors. You can imagine how delicious it is to eat seafood, especially if the place is also pleasing to the eye.


Canvas Cafe

Who here really likes traveling to the Sanur area? Certainly not as many as other areas. But believe it or not, there are lots of cute cafes in Sanur with super generous portions of brunch! One of them is Canvas Cafe, which is located on Hang Tuah street – close to the port.

This is suitable for those of you who have plans to travel to Nusa Penida, and you can have breakfast first here in the morning before leaving from the port. They also have a takeaway menu!

The theme of western and eastern food is an attraction for visitors who like to change their minds when visiting cafes.

From Smoothies Bowls, pasta to Asian Style Pork Porridge you can try it here. Uh, but wait, don’t leave here without trying their signature menu – the Sanur Rice Bowl!

Kembali ke Bumbak

When I heard the news that there was a new brunch place in Umalas, Mimin had doubts. Not bad thinking at that time,

“Who wants to open a cafe in the Umalas area? Isn’t this just the area of ​​the villas? Not sure the place is good”.

It turns out I was WRONG, viewers! Again, Bumbak is very different from other places. The glass-walled building at Kembali Bumbak is equipped with a bohemian themed courtyard decor. Suitable for spot photos.

Back Bumbak is a brunch place that is perfect for relaxing, working, or even lazing around.

The favorite menu at Kembali Bumbak is their smoothies bowl variant, one of which is the Dragon Berry Bowl. In addition to the many variants of vegetables and fruit, it’s also fresh for brunch time.

But, the Return Scones is a must-try. Everyone’s favorite peanut butter and vanilla strawberry jam cake. No wonder this place makes people want to COME BACK!

Milk and Honey Ubud

Milk and Honey made its debut first in the Canggu area before expanding into Ubud.

This place, which means milk and honey, is indeed famous for its all-day-breakfast pizza menu.

What I love about the Milk and Madu Ubud building is that it resembles a greenhouse! The sunlight that penetrates the glass walls keeps the restaurant alive in all conditions, and of course, the photos will always look great!

Apart from food, the main attraction of Milk and Honey Ubud is a live band performance.

It would be a shame to enjoy it alone. Come on, come together here!

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