Don’t Left Bali if You Don’t Try This 8 Traditional Balinese Food

Don’t Left Bali if You Don’t Try This 8 Traditional Balinese Food

A trip to Bali is incomplete without tasting this delicious culinary specialty of the Island of the Gods.

Bali is one of the best island in the world, not only just because the beauty of the nature, but also it’s entertainment places, culture, and of course, culinary.

Those dishes can be easily find in the Bali while you doing a lot of activities, such as surfing, chilling, swimming, sunbathing, or even when you playing card game or online gambling. As the slot online in Indonesia has become one of the favorites game, it also impact Bali for attraction for the tourist.

1. Sate Lilit

sate lilit

Satay (sate in Indonesian) may always be synonymous with meat that is cut into pieces and then stabbed on a bamboo skewer. However, it is different with the typical Balinese satay wrap which uses a meat grinder and is wrapped with lemongrass stalks.

The taste of the satay wrap will leave an imprint on your tongue with the taste of grated coconut as one of the spices. Sate lilit is usually enjoyed with Balinese mixed rice.

2. Lawar


If you hear the name, some Indonesian might think that this Balinese food uses bats as the main ingredient because bats in Indonesian is “kelelawar” and “lawar” is part of that. But it turns out that this lawar actually uses a variety of vegetables such as long beans and jackfruit vegetables.

In addition, lawar is also usually equipped with mutton, chicken, and pork. So, don’t forget to taste the lawar when you visit Bali!

3. Serombotan


Vegetarians docked! Serombotan is a typical Balinese dish that is almost similar to another Indonesian dish, sayur urap. However, the spices used are made in Balinese style using turmeric, galangal, kencur (aromatic ginger), and spicy peanut sauce.

The vegetables in the serombotan itself include spinach, kale, bean sprouts, eggplant, bitter melon, green beans, and long beans.

4. Laklak


If you like pancakes, you will definitely like this Balinese laklak. This one food will remind you of pancakes, only the size is smaller and the outer texture is more crispy.

As a complement, laklak is usually eaten with a sprinkling of grated coconut and brown sugar syrup.

5. Nasi Jinggo

nasi jinggo

The next typical Balinese food is nasi jinggo or jinggo rice. At first glance, this food looks like nasi kucing, another Indonesian dish. It’s just that, it tastes much more savory and spicy.

One serving of Nasi Jinggo is usually accompanied by side dishes such as satay wrap, fried tempeh, noodles, and of course chili sauce.

6. Bubur Mengguh

Bubur Mengguh

If seen from its history, bubur mengguh or mengguh porridge is one of the mandatory menus at traditional ceremonies and traditional festivals in Bali. You can also easily find this porridge in the Buleleng area.

A serving of bubur mengguh usually consists of shredded chicken, beans, and celery that have been seasoned with spices.

7. Tum Ayam

Tum Ayam

Ayam is “chicken” in Indonesian language. The next Balinese food will look interesting with the banana leaf package. Tum ayam is made from minced beef or chicken that has been seasoned with spices such as ginger, lemongrass, garlic, and chili.

Not only used as a side dish, chicken tum is also usually eaten as a snack or just a hunger delay.

8. Ayam Betutu

Ayam betutu

This food consists of chicken and sometimes duck cooked whole and the belly is filled with various herbs and spices.

Chicken that has been seasoned and then wrapped in areca leaves or banana leaves for further roasting.

The method of roasting is also using the hot coals of the husk fire, it can take one day or one night to ripen. The taste of this betutu chicken is so spicy and savory.

In ancient times, this dish was served during religious ceremonies, but today, you can eat it anytime and anywhere.

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