Special Balinese food that must be tried when friends are on vacation in Bali. In addition to its natural beauty, Bali also saves a variety and richness of tasty, delicious foods that you will not get in any area other than Bali.

This Balinese culinary is very different from the culinary characteristics of other regions in Indonesia, in Bali most of the dishes show the sharp processed spices of the archipelago, resulting in exceptionally delicious food flavors, and I make sure the taste that you will not find anywhere in the region besides in Bali. Also don’t forget to login joker123 to make sure that you enjoy your trip to Bali while playing the most entertaining Online Casino in Bali.

Here are some Balinese Culinary / Foods that you must try while in Bali.

1. Babi Guling


The first Balinese food is Babi Guling, Babi Guling is the most legendary food in Bali, this food used to be only enjoyed by the aristocrats and the kings in Bali or when there are only traditional ceremonies, due to eating boiled pork this you have to make with one whole pig.

Different today, we can now easily find restaurants that provide Babi Guling in all corners of Bali, and each region has its own characteristics.

In a portion of pork roll consisting of white rice, vegetable Lawar, pork, sequence, pork satay, pork liver, and fried pork intestine, and given spiced pork roll, people refer to seasoning even (complete spices), and finally don’t forget the sauce is given, the name is Sambel Embe.

For the taste of Guling pork, each region has a different uniqueness, for the taste of Guling pork in Denpasar different from those in Gianyar, Tabanan, Bangli and other districts. Besides the taste, the side dishes are also different.

2. Bali Betutu Chicken


Bali Betutu chicken is a Balinese special food that is very famous from the days of the kingdom of Bali first. Formerly these Betutu preparations only exist and are provided when there are important ceremonies in the temple, and also these Betutu preparations in the past can only be enjoyed by the nobility and kingdom alone.

Very lucky, nowadays we can find Bali Betutu Chickens, which are on sale everywhere in Bali, in the past it was very hard to find except from the big highway in Bali.

Betutu is made from basic ingredients of chicken or duck and given a special Balinese seasoning, which is an even seasoning or its base is fixed (15 condiments made into one) and put in the chicken’s body and wrapped in banana leaves. Then it is stacked/sliced ​​with hot coals made of chaff (burning dried rice), giving rise to a characteristic burnt aroma.

This typical Balinese culinary is originally from Typical Food from the Regency of Gianyar but is more famous in Gilimanuk. Still, now it has sprung up all over Bali, with flavors adjusted to the tastes of the local people in each region.

Generally, each portion contains one chicken or duck, vegetable Plecing kale, fried peanuts, Betutu sauce, chili Matah (raw chili), for the taste of chicken Betutu is very spicy, so for you fans of spicy food, this chicken Betutu is very suitable for you.

3. Satay Lilit


This Satay Lilit is a traditional Balinese food originating from the Klungkung district, but now the Satay Lilit seller has spread throughout Bali. This Satay Lilit is satay that is made by wrapping the meatloaf mixture, either chicken meat and fish. In general, the most is Satay Lilit made from sea fish.

In a portion of Sate Lilit dishes, there are a few skewers of a wrap, a few skewers of fish, fish Pepes, fish sauce, fried peanuts, and chili sauce.

4. Bali Pork Satay


Balinese special food this time is only intended for non-Muslims, for non-Muslims can skip to the next meal.

This particular Balinese food is very easy to find in all corners of the island of the gods, from the satay pork feet satay to the satay pork stall, everything is average, delicious, but we have to be careful about cleanliness and how to make it, so we have to avoid all kinds illness due to consuming unclean food.

On average, each region of the pork satay is almost similar. All the meat is marinated with seasoning before grilling and the difference is the sauce.

5. Balinese Chicken Mix Rice


This particular Balinese food is very much found in all parts of Bali, but each region has its own distinctiveness.

For those of you who like mixed rice, this one special food will never be missed when you are in Bali because chicken mixed rice in Bali is very different from mixed rice in other regions.

In this portion of chicken mixed rice, there are Urap vegetables, Bali spicy eggs, chicken Betutu, fried chicken, fried peanuts, fried chicken skin, and its complementary chili/sambal Embe which is very spicy and tasty.

The origin of this pork satay was colonized when there were crowds of traditional or religious ceremonies in the temple. Still, now these pork satay invaders sell to settle in a place without any time or event restrictions.

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