Located in Jungutan Village

Samsara Living is a unique museum that offers educational and spiritual tourism in one place. You can find his place in Jungutan Village, Kab. Karangasem, Bali. If you start the journey from Denpasar, you will need around 90 minutes.

You can follow the directions from the Google Map application. For those of you who ride on private motorbikes, don’t be surprised if you are directed to the rat road/shortcut road through the salak plantation. Take it easy, and you guys won’t get lost.

The nameplate of this place is still a work in progress, so it might be a bit difficult to see from a distance. But, don’t worry. You can find the place easily. Just ask the locals, they will kindly show you the way to the Samsara Living Museum.

Soft Opening Period

samsara living museum

Just opened for about four months, the museum is still in the soft opening phase. If you are planning to visit here, you will not be charged at all or free. Just make a sincere donation.

First enter, you will be given a welcome drink in the form of traditional herbal medicine. When you first tried, it tastes very sweet, different from similar drinks that are usually bitter. You will also be lent a shawl to wear while walking around the museum.

Learning Balinese Traditions

samsara living museum

During a walk here, you will be guided by a guide. You will get a thorough explanation of the museum’s collection. First is a room that contains information about 14 types of ceremonies for every Balinese, from when they were still in the womb, until after he died.

The Guide will also explain what items will be used in all the ceremonies. You will also see the family tree system adopted by the Balinese people. From here, we can even know that the owner of this museum is still in line with Mpu Tantular, the creator of the Book of Sutasoma.

Various Interesting Activities
canang sari

You will also be invited to see the legendary process of making Arak Bali. For residents of the Island of the Gods, wine has a very important role. Often used in several traditional ceremonies. Well, here you can try a little wine tester.

Next you will also be taught the process of making Canang or “offerings” which are usually placed in front of the building to pray for the god/goddess to be safe. Here you will learn to make woven mats from young coconut leaves.

We can also see the process of making woven crafts in the form of bags and other accessories. Next, you will pass a park with a variety of plants that are usually used by Balinese in a variety of traditional processions. Very interesting.

Finally, we will be invited to a place that shows the traditional process of pounding rice. If you are not satisfied, you can try various other exciting activity packages such as the blessing ceremony, cooking class, and gathering package.

The existence of the Samsara Living Museum is expected to be a starting point for advancing Jungutan as a tourist village. In the future, the tourism potential of this region is expected to be very extraordinary.  Is anyone interested in stopping by here?

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