Bali is a very beautiful island, although seen from various sides. Both of its natural beauty, culinary, and culture that has never been left behind by the people. Well, one culture that is still fragrant today is the Pendet Dance. So, how the heck is it still developing until now? Let’s see our review.

Pendet Dance History

tari pendet

Pendet dance was originally a worship dance that was mostly staged in temples. The movements in this dance are a symbol in welcoming the descent of the gods to the world of nature and also as gratitude. Along with the times, some Balinese artists turn this culture into a dance of welcome. But it still does not leave the hallmark of the sacredness and religiosity of this dance.

The dance was first established in 1950. A Balinese artist named Wayan Beratha reprocessed the dance to the current pattern, including adding the number of dancers. In 1967 a choreographer named Wayan Rindi created a modern form for this one dance but still did not reduce the sacred and religious elements of the dance. Wayan Rindi is known as a dance artist with the ability to change and preserve Balinese dance through learning for the next generation both in the family and around it.

The Dance Function

In terms of functionality, Pendet Dance has two purposes. First, as a guardian dance that is usually performed in a temple during a traditional ceremony. Then the second function is as a traditional dance, which is traditionally performed as a reception for the guests.

Can Be Done by Anyone
tari pendet

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Although classified as sacred, Pendet Dance is different from other ceremonial dances that require specialized trainers. Anyone can dance this dance, both those who have been trained and those who are still a newbie. Basically, this dance only follows the movements of the senior dancer in front of him, who understands and can set a good example. So, this dance does not require that the trainer has experienced for many years. And if you want to try something else, you can try online gambling site called: situs judi online. Trusted online gambling site that can be done by anyone even as a newbie you can play and get a lot of money easily. Just click on the link and follow the instruction and winning a lot of money to travel to Bali anytime you want!

Becoming a Record-breaker at Mangupura Anniversary
record-breaker PENDET DANCE

Besides being used for important events, this beautiful dance was never acted as a record-breaker. Precisely at the celebration of the ninth anniversary of Mangupura on November 16, 2018, then. At the event, dances were performed by Balinese mothers/wives in the entire Badung region, amounting to 2621 dancers. Therefore, the colossal Pendet Dance scored the Indonesian Record Museum with the most number of dancers.

Thus a little info about this very famous dance from Bali. Apparently, there are some things that are rarely known by the public. Starting from its history to become a record-breaker. Yes, We hope this Pendet Dance can be an example of the culture in other areas so that it can be preserved well.

So are you interested in watching Pendet Dance? Be one of lucky traveler who can watch Pendet Dance and share us your story!

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