Hangout Places in Bali that Make You Fail to Move On

Hangout Places in Bali that Make You Fail to Move On

Bali, famous as a traveler’s paradise, is famous for its beach tourism.

Apart from the beach, many travelers visit Bali just to spend time relaxing. Usually, these travelers will choose interesting places to sit back while enjoying the atmosphere of Bali. This is what causes cafes and clubs to flourish in Bali.

Getting here, many cafes have their own characteristics both in terms of menu and decoration and what is clear is that these places will make it difficult for you to move on.

  1. Woobar at W Bali Seminyak

Because it is located in the W Hotel complex in the Seminyak area, this bar has relatively expensive food and beverage prices. The theme “From daytime to nighttime” offers a “special menu” for its guests.

Woobar by Day

This session is made for guests to start the day while enjoying the poolside facilities and the food and beverage menu here. This session is available every day, starting at 10 am until late at night. If you want to play on the beach, here there is also direct access to the beach.

Sunset at Woobar

This session is specifically for those of you who want to relax while waiting for the sun to set, accompanied by soothing music. Also, get special discounts for certain drinks and foods on selected days.

Sunset & Latenight Session

Woobar is one of the mainstay clubs in Bali that many tourists are aiming for. If you want to meet many rich foreigners, this is the place to be. Many foreigners spend their time relaxing here because it is a comfortable place, and also its location is located in one of Bali’s prestigious hotels.

  1. La Plancha, Seminyak

Hangout Places in Bali that Make You Fail to Move On

This beachside café is not only great for its food, but this place is also perfect for enjoying a relaxing time while waiting for the sun to set. Usually, visitors will choose the location of the outdoor part of this café to enjoy the sunset. The outdoor location of this café is equipped with colorful beanbags, which are the icon of this café.

Another uniqueness of this café that is interesting for me is the nuances of the colors, starting from the paint in the room and the beanbags used as outdoor seating. These colorful beanbags are the icon of this café because that’s where you sit to enjoy the sunset.

  1. Single Fin

This place, which is famous as a café and bar, is located in the Uluwatu area near Suluban beach or also known as Blue Point Beach. In my opinion, Suluban Beach is one of the phenomenal beaches in Bali, because apart from being not easy to reach, this place also offers a very beautiful view.

Single Fin is located on a cliff that directly faces the open sea, which is still in line with Suluban Beach. One thing I like about this place is the sensation of seeing the sunset from a high place while looking out at the open sea. If it’s just for a drink while sitting around, the pocket that has to be digested is still comparable to this super sight.

  1. Nook, Kerobokan

Restaurant in the middle of rice fields, that’s how I usually describe this place when someone asks about this place. The restaurant’s decor is very simple but attractive. In this restaurant, you are free to choose whether you want to sit on a chair or sit on a chair on the edge of the building. What is clear is that both of them are Instagram-able, especially with the view of the rice fields around the restaurant.

At first, I came here because of a recommendation from a friend who mentioned that the food here is delicious, at a reasonable price. The point is that the food prices here are not as high as other eating places in the Seminyak area.

  1. La Laguna, Canggu

La Laguna has a unique decoration because a Gypsy and Bohemian style dominates it. This cafe has an open-air café concept with almost all of the seating in the outdoor area surrounded by trees on grassy pedestals. Apart from that, there are also wooden houses on stilts which add to the Bohemian impression!

If you go to La Laguna, you can sit around while enjoying the various special drinks that are provided while waiting for dusk. In addition, this place is often used as a spot for just beautiful photos of its visitors. Here, a wooden bridge is one of the favorite photo spots for those who visit here.

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