Nightlife spots in Bali present the atmosphere of the Island of the Gods in a different beauty. As is known, it is not only the charm of its natural beauty that makes Bali attractive to many tourists, but also its friendly culture and society.

You can hang out in various places of interest when walking at night in Bali. In fact, beautiful beaches during the day you can also enjoy its beauty at night with a different atmosphere and feel. Nightlife spots in Bali are very interesting to explore. When vacationing in Bali, you will certainly feel at home and want to stay for long. Moreover, the atmosphere of a vacation in Bali is certainly very much felt by the number of tourists passing by. If you are interested in visiting Bali, you can get a free trip ticket to Bali by winning the most exciting (backlink) online casino game, and it’s a very recommended apps for you to download while wandering in Bali!

Zero Kilometer Denpasar

The first night tourist spot in Bali is Zero Kilometer Denpasar. Located in the Puputan Badung area of ​​Denpasar City and has a very strategic location in front of the Denpasar mayor’s office, making it visited by many people.

Not only tourists, many locals also visit one of the night spots in Bali. The main attraction of Zero Kilometer Denpasar is the presence of a Chess Face Statue with a fountain pool that can emit water with large and small variations.

Treat the view of the fountain in Zero Point Denpasar is more spectacular at night because it has been fitted with lighting in the form of beautiful colorful spotlights. No wonder this place is one of the places where many people gather at night in Denpasar.

Yellow Bridge and Kuta Beach with Many Cafe Provide Joker388 Gaming

The next night’s tourist spot in Bali is the Yellow Bridge. This yellow bridge is located in Jungutbatu, Nusapenida, Klungkung Regency, Bali, close to Nusa Lembongan. This place is the best spot to take pictures with sunset or sunrise. This bridge is open 24 hours, so you can come here at night to enjoy the beautiful view near the bridge, while breathing in the fresh air, gentle breeze, and make sure you take pictures in this place.

Turning to nature tourism, you can visit Kuta Beach and Seminyak Beach which are in a straight line as night spots in Bali. Along the coastline you can find a variety of cafes with interesting and unique concepts that can be a hangout with friends. Bali is famous for its unique cafes, call it a rice-themed cafe, swimming pool cafe, a cafe on a cliff and don’t miss a gaming cafe. The last order from the list was one that was booming in year 2020, this was due to the fish shooting game that penetrated online, so many people were reminisced about this game while gathering with family or friends. The online fishing service provider is Joker388 which is the largest online slot platform in Asia.

You can choose to sit in one of the cafes while watching the enchanting sunset on this beach. Many of the hits of the cafe are famous among tourists that you can visit along this beach.

GWK statue

Uluwatu and GWK

Uluwatu is a temple which is located at the end of a very high hill. One of the interesting activities that you can do at this place is watching the Kecak dance against a very beautiful sunset background.

Usually you will be asked to buy or order tickets to watch the Kecak dance first a few hours before it starts because the tickets are limited. Just don’t miss out on watching Kecak dance in Uluwatu when sunset comes because you will definitely be very sorry.

Night attractions in Bali this one in the form of a tourist area that is very interesting to visit. You can walk around the pedestal and take pictures in this very iconic statue of the pedestal. Besides seeing the splendor of the GWK statue, you can also see traditional Balinese dances that invite admiration. This place is located on Jalan Uluwatu, Ungasa Village, South Kuta-Badung.

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